Warranty & Care


  • All walls beds should be operated by pulling the bed down using both hands and the bed should be taken all the way to the floor and NOT left to drop freely.
  • Do not jump or bounce on wall bed
  • Occasionally the Fold Down Door wall bed cabinet doors may need to be adjusted, please contact your installer to undertake this simple task or realignment per the installation instructions
  • Please follow all instructions as set out in the Installation Instructions


Pardo Australia Pty Ltd A.B.N 77 056 396 868 reserves the right to grant a conditional warranty on our Wall Bed cabinets and Wall Bed mechanism. All Wall Bed cabinets and mechanisms come with a two (2) year warranty on the cabinet and mechanism. The warranty is effective as of the day of purchase. Within the warranty period, any defect as a result of manufacturing errors that might affect the performance of the product will be repaired totally free of charge, and includes the replacement or free repair of defective parts.

Pardo Australia reserves the right to examine the bed prior to any repair and to judge the nature or origin of the defect and to accept or reject its repair based upon the nature or origin of the defect.

Pardo Australia will not pay for any damages or liabilities as a result of misuse of any of their products.


The warranty period for the Wall Bed cabinets and Wall bed mechanisms is two (2) years from the date of purchase. For the warranty to be effective this warranty document must be returned to Pardo Australia, accompanied by the original copy of the corresponding purchase invoice, which show the exact date of purchase for the Pardo Wall Bed. The warranty will not be extended under any circumstances.


This warranty does not include the installations or start-up. Nor does it include the cleaning, replacement or delivery of any loose accessories of any sort. The warranty does not include breakdowns that are caused by excessive force, or breakdowns as a result of an incorrect installation or incorrect use, proved misuse or handling, if the bed has been hit or dropped and, in general, any and all damage resulting from causes unrelated to the bed itself or due to its incorrect handling by technical staff not expressly authorized by Pardo Australia.

Pardo Australia reserves the right to dispute any claim to warranty that they feel are a result of misuse or negligence.