Common Questions

1. Is it difficult to install the DIY mechanism?

Answer: Not at all. We provide easy to follow assembly and installation instructions and the DIY mechanism only can be installed independently of a cabinet.

2. Can I buy the entire wall bed package from Pardo?

Answer: Yes, our DIY Mechanism can be combined with our flat pack self assemblyBi Fold Door cabinets.

3. After purchasing online, how long will it take before my bed mechanism arrives?

Answer: Our average delivery time is 3-5 business days for metro areas of Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, Adelaide& Canberra. Please contact us for specific details and delivery times for other areas.

4. After the installation of the mechanism, can I move it at a later date?

Answer: Yes, of course. By reversing our installation instructions you can disassemble your wall bed and take it with you. Easy install….easy to move.

5. What is included in my order if I purchase the DIY mechanism?

Answer: Your DIY mechanism includes a powderkotedone piece steel bed frame, cambered beech slat mattress supports, spring mechanism, mounting brackets, mattress straps and of course our detailed installation instructions. You will only require the appropriate screws to attach the mechanism to the floor and wall depending on your floor and wall materials.

6. I’m a contractor, are discounted rates available?

Answer: We do offer discounted rates for builders and cabinet makers. Please see Home Page to obtain login access to this section of our website.

7. Do you offer an installation service?

Answer: We do not have our own installers. However, a local handyman can install our DIY products using our detailed installation instructions or if you purchase one of our other wall bed products then a cabinet maker or joiner is recommended for building your cabinetry. Or, you could try one of our resellers for the complete supply and install service.